At the Law Offices of Charles Silverstein it is all about justice!  


For many lawyers, the practice of law is nothing more than a business. Not so for Charles Silverstein.

Silverstein has been representing victims of neglect, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, and negligence for over 30 years.


Silverstein's knowledge, skill, and wisdom have lead him to a career filled with victories and settlements for his clients.  It’s a career that has carried him from the airwaves of Court TV to courtrooms throughout New York State.


Silverstein’s cases have been covered by the New York Times, CBS News, the Daily News, The Daily Beast, the New York Law Journal and even medical journals.  


Highly regarded by his peers, Charles Silverstein (known as Chuck) takes great pride in keeping things small and personal.  Says Silverstein:

"My clients and I become very close during the course of litigation.
 They know that I'm there for them. We work as a team.”   


Silverstein goes on to say:

“Some of my best courtroom arguments have been inspired simply
by taking the time to listen to my clients. That’s far too rare in the
legal profession as a whole."



Since 1990, the Law Offices of Charles Silverstein has been  unique in its devotion to personal attention and quality. A recent client said it best:


"I had been with a large firm and switched to the Law Offices of
Charles Silverstein. From the moment I met them, he and his
staff made me feel welcome and comfortable. I was encouraged
to call them anytime and have been treated with the utmost care and respect."



Silverstein's reputation has  taken him far and anyone who has seen him in court will attest to his trial skills.


At the close of one of his cases, a federal court magistrate remarked that Silverstein's summation was one of the best she'd ever heard. In another recent case, a New York  Supreme Court judge told the jury,"We are lucky to have such high quality litigators with us on this trial."